Blockchain & NFT Projects Content Marketing For Digital Visibility Launched

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The new service provides crypto developers and promoters with the tools required to build a reputation as a substantive project without relying on social media hype as a primary avenue. Their method utilizes authority marketing tactics to establish a good-faith following for a given blockchain asset.

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This new service has been created to help fledgling NFT and crypto projects get off the ground and maintain their momentum over time, unlike many projects which crash in only a couple of months. R.E.D. Marketing has created this method to drive traffic to new projects without relying on flash-in-the-pan style promotions.

R.E.D. Marketing’s in-house team will create short-form content as part of their content marketing plan. The content will focus on various aspects of the project and promote them across the web. This tactic allows projects to rank higher on Google, therefore drawing more traffic.

The company focuses on projects that promote utility before all else, since in many such cases, the project fails to generate the initial adoption required to meet long-term stability. Their service is designed to establish trust rather than hype, as trust is what builds communities and leads to broad adoption.

According to the company, striking a balance between trust and attention is where many projects go wrong; too much of one without the other is what leads to projects garnering broad recognition, but only for being unreliable.

This method of authority marketing is especially helpful in reaching the crypto community, as traditional advertising is often viewed as being disingenuous. The new service can reach audiences organically through unobtrusive means, circumventing this problem.

R.E.D. Marketing can create visibility campaigns for blockchain projects of all kinds, including smart contract NFT drops, ERC20 crypto tokens, new stablecoin assets, and more. Authority marketing is especially useful in these circumstances to separate one’s project from less credible competition.

Their services have already been used by businesses nationwide to increase visibility and build a user base. Their expansion into the crypto industry will ensure that the next generation of web developers have access to these digital advertising services.

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