2022 Ecosystem timeline for Crypto Play-To-Earn Horse Racing Game Derace (Derc)

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With the recent release of the beta version of the Derace metaverse horse racing game and NFT DNA-enriched horses, the Derace team has broken down the expected timeline of the product month-by-month in 2022. 


Mystery NFT

In January new Mystery NFTs will be introduced to the ecosystem! Not listed Gen 0 NFT horse and DJC holders will be airdropped upon the release of the assets. Stakers will also have their share of mystery as Mystery NFTs will be added to their reward basket!

NFT Races

Dedicated races will also occur where players will compete to win Mystery NFTs! Prepare your horses and follow socials carefully, you definitely don’t want to miss that out!


The most anticipated feature of the DeRace ecosystem is coming to town — NFT horse breeding! The breeding starts in the second part of January. The mechanics have been upgraded to be even more exciting and to bring even more value to Gen 0 NFT horse owners!

Gen 0 owners will have exclusive right to breed NFT horses as Gen 1 breeding will unlock later on in the game.

Besides the regular breeding, the horse owners who have only one horse will not be left out! You will be able to get your NFT horse to work!

Introduced will be a renting-for-breeding service where NFT horse owners can lend their horses to other players for a fee to breed!

Before introducing the hippodromes with different surfaces there will be a few events where players will be able to try out the new surfaces in the existing Adem’s Hippodrome!

As we all know, horses perform differently on different tracks therefore prepare to be surprised by your NFT horse abilities!

Another fun thing to come around in January is the ability to rename your NFT horse. You will be able to give your NFT horse a name of your choice for a small $DERC fee. Tier 1 and Tier 2 horse owners and DJC holders will get a little surprise here!


There will be a full set of hippodromes ready in the first half of February! Two more hippodromes will be launched with turf and synthetic surfaces. Once you have raced your NFT horses in different hippodromes you will know which exact track your horse prefers and then you’re unstoppable!

February will see the introduction of a new form of staking for $DERC holders: single sided staking! Stake your $DERC tokens to receive amazing NFTs as rewards.

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the last month, then you must have already heard about the new in-game mystery NFT coming to the Derace’s ecosystem.

There were some amazing guesses in the community of what it is ranging from carrots, hay and sugar cubes to whips, rest spells and some other questionable items.

It will be kept a mystery for now, but keep in mind that the new mystery NFTs are something different and play a huge role in the whole metaverse! Soon you will be able to acquire them via staking or for Derace’s native token $DERC!

The game’s native token $DERC is currently listed on crypto.com, gate.io, UniSwap, QuickSwap and PancakeSwap. The time has come for $DERC to join another exchange. Keep your eyes open, there might be some hints in the near future!

Have some fun and win awesome rewards while waiting for the races. Rewards for Spin-A-Wheel will include NFTs, $DERC, other tokens and more! Generation 0 horse owners and DeRace Jockey Club members will have some additional benefits.

In February races for top tier NFT horses will be introduced with exclusive rewards and high stakes!

Also, new race functions will come alive at the end of February! Exclusive races with feature requirements such as horse tiers, breed, etc. will be introduced!

You will be able to prove yourself as the ultimate DeRace champion in DeRace tournaments! Amazing prizes included!

DeRace user profiles will be upgraded at the end of February. You will be able to check out the profiles of horse owners for their bio, race statistics and more! It will creacte an easy way to make some friends in the DeRace metaverse. Grow your stables together or compete in the racetrack.

March — June

Don’t own a DeRace NFT horse yet? Not a problem! Introduced will be a secure NFT horse racing system which allows horse owners to rent their horses for the racing enthusiasts. Now you don’t need to own a horse to join the races!

Get your NFT horse to work in between races! DeRace NFT horse owners will collect renting fees from the ecosystem newcomers!

Also introduced will be additional in-game NFTs — performance boosting assets. Equip your horse with horseshoes, saddles and other wearable items to reach the new heights!

Performance boosting assets will be sold for $DERC which would give DeRace native token additional utility.

In a few months time a horse level system will be added! By participating in the races and winning them you will be gaining experience points which will be putting you in different levels. Levels will unlock players’ ability to equip their NFT horses with additional performance boosting assets.

There will be special races held for NFT horses with different levels. Higher level means higher rewards, so make sure to race your horse well to qualify.

The much awaited jockeys will be joining the races! In the race jockey NFTs will give an extra boost to their horse to increase their performance. There will be dedicated races where only jockey equipped NFT horses can participate and the race winners will share amazing prize funds.

Jockey NFTs will be available for $DERC tokens.

Just imagine racing your NFT horse in rain, snow or even a storm! Like in the real world, nature is sometimes unpredictable and this dynamic will be added to the game’s races too!

Day and night modes will be added for hippodromes too, so you can enjoy a realistic horse racing experience in the DeRace metaverse.

Like living dangerously? The Derace team have added duel races where the winner takes it all. Challenge another NFT horse owner to one on one races, choose the stakes — it can be their NFT horse, any other NFT item or $DERC — and go for it!

Additional features will be added to the user profile, so that horse owners can flaunt their racing achievements. Showcase your trophies, winning history and more!

Spring will bring another exciting feature — community managed hippodromes! There will be a limited number of hippodromes, so start teaming up and building your communities to qualify for the hippodrome ownership.

The bookmakers will administer their hippodromes by setting up entry fees, requirements, managing the adds space, etc. The revenue from the hippodrome will be shared according to the hippodrome ownership.

Create special racing events, tournaments, advertise your hippodrome, all to make your hippodrome the most popular in the DeRace metaverse! The more people you can attract, the more races you will be able to run.

Payouts will be automated of additional rewards — like NFTs and other tokens — for the races. This will increase the efficiency and transparency of the payouts, making it easier for the hippodrome owners to add special rewards for the racing events and tournaments.

Starting from July

Summer is no vacation for our team! In July should see the introductionof a platform achievement system with badges filled with various rewards for playing the game!

Races will look a little different this summer as horses will lose their lanes and will race freely on the race track!

It is believed this will bring even more excitement to NFT horse owners and the spectators!

DeRace marketplace will become a one-stop-shop for all the DeRace NFTs. You will be able to easily and securely acquire your NFT horse, a jockey, performance boosting assets and more on the DeRace platform.

All the items in the DeRace marketplace will be sold for $DERC only, so make sure to load your wallet before going on a shopping spree.

Besides the exciting DeRace game mini games are planned to be introduced that you will be able to play and earn $DERC, NFTs and more!

Gen 0 and DJC owners will be the first to try it and will get plenty of exclusive ones with the best prize pools!

The community owned hippodromes will get levels that will unlock many more exciting game play opportunities! Also, it will unlock upgrades and higher level races!

And more to come…

  • DeRace mobile app
  • Ads services integration
  • Integrations with external platforms and other wallets
  • 3rd party betting solution integration
  • API for horse racing streaming platforms

The extensive timeline for the other half of the year is coming in a few months! 👀

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